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As ocean enthusiasts, we have always been committed to its conservation. It's our playground and should remain beautiful and healthy for all to enjoy.

The decision to launch LEUS lead us down a rabbit hole of towel manufacturing and, as it turns out, this simple commodity found in every home across the planet is extremely polluting to produce. Cotton is grown to produce billions of towels each year (sometimes sustainably, but mostly not). Polyester is made to produce billions of towels each year (which eventually makes it's way into our landfills, water streams, our food, and ultimately in us).

We believe in the butterfly effect – that every effort counts, no matter who, what, when, or where. We also believe in the quality of our products and we want you to feel good about your decision to follow LEUS on this journey.

So through our efforts, we are committed to a minimum carbon footprint, to shed light on the truth behind recycled products, the environmental disaster of synthetic fibers (and how we are solving it), and how we have found a way to only use post consumer recycled materials for all our manufacturing, every step along the way.