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The ocean is our playground. We feel passionate about ocean conversation and want to ensure it remains beautiful and healthy for everyone to enjoy.

As a textile brand, we have a commitment to conscious manufacturing. When we learned that textile mills generate 1/5th of the world’s industrial water pollution, we knew we had to do better.

The decision to launch Leus lead us down a rabbit hole of the towel manufacturing process and, as it turns out, this simple commodity found in all homes across the planet can be extremely polluting to make. Cotton is grown to produce billions of towels each year - sometimes sustainably, but more often not. Moreover, synthetic fabrics, like polyester are made to produce billions of towels each year, thus contributing to the massive microfiber pollution in our oceans.

Upon learning this, we could not ignore the facts.

We believe in the butterfly effect — that every effort counts, no matter who, what, where, or when. We also believe in the physical and emotional quality of our products and want you to feel good about your decision to join Leus on your journey.


1. A minimum carbon footprint

2. Production Transparency

3. Use of post-consumer recycled materials for all manufacturing process